How To... ???

1. How to Create a Website?

28 Jan 2020

Let's get directly started:

  1.  You need to purchase a domain name (like ) from providers like
  2. If you are well accustomed about building a site, do it yourself. If not,domain providers also provide with basic templates to create your site. This can also be upgraded at your expenses if you need a fancy website.
  3. Voila, you already have a website.


2. How to Monetize a Website?

Additional Information

Do you think of earning from the site?

  1. No - No worries. Just update your contents and enjoy.
  2. Yes - Do a little research about making money from websites. There are many ways but the easy method to earn some passive income is to monetize your website with Google AdSense or similar advertising companies. You will receive a small amount everytime somebody accesses the advertisement made on your website.

Tips: A good domain name, good number of visitors in your website and good strategy can really make you wealthy.  


Corona Virus: How to be Safe?

27 Jan 2020

Corona Virus outbreak has really been disturbing at this point. The main concern is not only the increasing number of peoples suffering from it but also no approved antivirals. The treatment till date is only supportive. But don't worry, many people recover within few days of infection. However, young, elderly and people with weak immune system might suffer severely from the infection.

The early symptoms of the disease might include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea followed by respiratory system disturbances including cough, fever and shortness of breath according to Todd Ellerin in Harvard Health Blog.

As a prevention, travel to affected locations is discouraged. Avoid physical contacts in mass gatherings and try to avoid sneeze, direct breath and body excretions from other individuals. It is always advisable to take care of your personal hygiene. In case of apparent symptoms, visit nearest healthcare center and avoid unnecessary contacts with other individuals. Good care will definitely support your fight with corona virus. 

This is not a time to panic but to act and care. There are lessons learned from many deadly outbreaks in the past and those lessons will be worthy enough for us to fight against and stay safe from this outbreak.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

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How To Apply for Admission to Universities?

29 Jan 2020

Want to study in a Institute of your choice?

  1. Find the institutes website
  2. Search for selected programs
  3. Look for basic admission criteria and deadline of admission
  4. Make sure you fulfill their basic admission criteria
  5. Apply

Are you applying for Masters or a PhD?

Yes - Most of the institutes require a prior approval from a professor to be your supervisor. For this it is always advisable to look for the profiles of your potential professor and contact them. Once they agree to supervise you, you can then apply for admission in the university.

Tips: Most of European Universities doesn't require your prior contact with the professor. You just need to apply for open positions at the university. On the other hand, most Asian, US or Canadian Universities require your prior connection with the potential supervisor.

Wish you all the best for your bright future!!